June 27th Analysis

The trades that are setting up with the balance range and today being an inside day. How to monitor those trades, what to look for and where we can expect resistance and support.

June 7th GAP Trade

Had a lot of questions regarding the GAP and trading GAPS. My buy zones, and some management of the trade. What the context is telling us and When we know the buyers lost control.

June 6th

Todays Analysis, how we look at the spike for tommorow, and how we will trade any of the possibilities that may occur. Fully prepared for whatever the market brings our way!  Webinar Next week during Market Hours for PIT members!

June 5th Analysis

Breakdown on today, Are we getting to long? What we can look for tommorow and this week that will give us the clue. And how we use that information to understand the context.

June 4th Analysis

How we prepared for this short covering rally, what told us the trend was possible and how we picked our targets with our Sunday video. How ODDS manages and trade and why? What were the signs of being in the trend. Enjoy